Case No. 2011-0597 State of Ohio v. Keith Ramey







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Does One Codefendant's Pretrial Motion Stop Running of Other Codefendant's 'Speedy Trial' Time Limit?

Where State Opts to Prosecute Both Defendants In Single Trial

State of Ohio v. Keith Ramey, Case no. 2011-0597
Second District Court of Appeals (Clark County)

ISSUE: When one of two co-defendants in a criminal case set for a joint trial is able to post bond, but the other co-defendant remains in jail prior to trial, does the filing of a pretrial motion by the bonded defendant to suppress evidence that is applicable only to himself “toll” (stop the running of) the 90-day speedy trial time limit within which the state must begin the trial of the incarcerated co-defendant?
00:00:21Stephen P. Hardwick for Keith Ramey
00:15:44Andrew R. Picek for the state
00:31:09Summation: Stephen P. Hardwick for Keith Ramey