Case No. 2011-0716 State ex rel. Stacy L. Carna v. Teays Valley Local School







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May Administrator's Request for Meeting With School Board Precede Completion of District's Evaluation Process?
Under Law That Requires Board to Conduct Requested Meeting Before Denying Renewal
4th District Court of Appeals (Pickaway County)

ISSUE: When a public school principal is notified prior to the completion of the statutory performance evaluation process that her contract will not be renewed at the end of its current term, and she requests at the time of that notification a meeting with the board of education prior to the board’s vote on her renewal or non-renewal, does the board’s failure to conduct such a meeting before voting to deny renewal of her contract violate R.C. 3319.02(D)(4), and entitle the principal to automatic reinstatement to her position pursuant to R.C. 3319.02(D)(5)?
00:00:31Frederick M. Gittes for Stacy L. Carna
00:14:23Susan S. R. Petro for Teays Valley Local Schools
00:29:54Summation: Frederick M. Gittes for Stacy L. Carna