Case No. 2011-0024 Murray A. Miller et al. v. Sam M. Miller et al.







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Is Corporation Required to Advance Legal Fees for Director to Defend Lawsuit Filed by Shareholders?
When Suit Alleges Director Violated Fiduciary Duty to Corporation
11th District Court of Appeals (Trumbull County)

ISSUE: When a director of an Ohio corporation is sued by one or more shareholders for allegedly violating his fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the corporation, do the state’s corporation laws require the company to advance to that director the costs of his attorney fees to defend the lawsuit?
00:00:25Michael N. Ungar for Sam M. Miller
00:08:03Chad A. Readler for the Ohio State Bar Association
00:14:57Irene Keyse-Walker for Murray and Samuel H. Miller
00:33:25Summation: Marvin L. Karp for Sam M. Miller