Case No. 2010-0276 In re: Lucy Kathleen Mullen







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Can Same-Sex Partner Enforce 'Implied' Shared Child Custody Agreement Over Biological Mother's Objections?

Where Women 'Co-Parented' Child Prior to Separating

In re: Lucy Kathleen Mullen, Case no. 2010-0276
1st District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)

ISSUE: Did a juvenile court err by refusing to recognize or enforce an alleged “implied” shared custody agreement between the biological mother of a child and the mother’s former same-sex partner after both women planned the child’s conception and birth, supported the child financially and shared parenting duties prior to the breakup of their relationship?
00:00:16Christopher R. Clark for Michelle Hobbs
00:13:18Douglas B. Dougherty for Kelly Mullen
00:29:46Terry William Tranter for Kelly Mullen
00:32:40Summation: Christopher R. Clark for Michelle Hobbs